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Valerie Aker Player

Valerie has the gift and privilege of being Behrenger’s mom. Behr (Little Bear)  has had hearing aids since he was diagnosed with mild/moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at nine months. Looking for any and everything to help her son be his most successful self, Valerie found Idaho Hand & Voices and eagerly became involved. Valerie is a seasoned special education teacher and offers assistance to anyone needing help with those tricky IEPs.  Valerie, her husband, Dave, and Behrenger live in Boise with their good dog, Shepherd

Vice President

Elena M. Stamm

Elena has been working with pediatrics in the Boise area since 2008. She now works for Boise School District as one of seven educational audiologist in Idaho. She obtained her doctorate of audiology from Idaho State University. Elena and her husband have settled in Eagle where they are raising their two busy boys.


Lorna Irwin

Lorna is the veteran parent of an adult deaf daughter. Years before Hands & Voices was conceived, she received treasured support from other parents. Her goal as a long-standing board member is to “pay it forward “ by providing opportunities for today’s families to connect with each other.


Jessica Stich-Hennen

Many children and families in the Treasure Valley area know me as “Dr. Jess”, a pediatric audiologist at Idaho Elks Hearing & Balance Center.  I have been practicing pediatric audiology in Boise since 2006. 

In 2009, my son Briggs was born.  Briggs passed his newborn hearing screening in both ears. Briggs had several medical problems in his first couple years of life including chronic ear infections, severe food and environmental allergies, eczema, plagiocephaly and torticollis.   In August 2014, Briggs ruptured his left eardrum, which left him with a permanent conductive hearing loss.   Even though I am a pediatric audiologist, our family’s hearing loss journey has had ups and downs.  I love being involved in Idaho Hands & Voices because it gives me an opportunity to learn from other parents and to share our family’s journey.

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Additional Board Members


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